The keys to successful online collaboration

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The keys to successful online collaboration

Now many of us are forced to work at home, online collaboration suddenly became crucial! Here are some tips to get you started.

Objectives, duties and responsibilities

Online collaboration often goes wrong because it's not always clear who should do what and which and when tasks should be finished. Therefore, always discuss in advance who is responsible for what, what needs to be delivered and within what period of time. Make sure to note this so you can work efficiently online!

Document and archive

The biggest pitfall of working online (together) is that documentation or information is not always very easy to find. Which often causes frustration or leads to extra work. Therefore, make sure that you always store documents in a permanent place. With an online collaboration tool you can also create specific groups in which you can directly find the most important information. This way you will have all the information organised, in one place, per group.

Share your knowledge online 

Lately, news, measures and updates have changed almost daily. Did you find or see a useful document via your network? Share this knowledge online. This way you prevent people from looking for information and it helps other people!

Don't mail but share

Does it already drive you crazy? The constant flow of e-mails coming in? Large groups of people in the cc, emails without attachments or no topics in the salutation? Instead of e-mailing documents around, try to for example send them via a shared Google Drive. This way you always work on the latest version in real time and you have access to the latest version.

Use the chat function 

One on one or in a group. If you use a chat function in smart way, you will prevent your e-mailbox from filling up with questions that can be asked much more easily via chat. A phone number of a colleague for example. With the chat you are easier to reach and you can also let other colleagues know what you are or aren't available for.

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