Three useful Plek tips

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Three useful Plek tips

A social intranet. Sounds like a lot of fun. But all those functionalities and possibilities can sometimes feel a bit overwhelming for the user. To help you navigate better through the platform, we have list three useful functionalities.  

Big, small, open or private groups

Knowledge sharing and collaboration on your platform starts with forming the right workgroups. But it can sometimes feel like a challenge to find the right structure within  groups and problems easily arise. Think about users who create different group with the same subject, or new inactive groups. Lucky for you, we have found a solution: our user statistics tool. 

Groep mensen

This tool gives you some good insights in the specific user data within groups. You can see for example the amount of likes, unique visitors, comments or messages shared within a specific group. Groupstatistics make it very easy to adjust, add or remove members, subjects or groups. 

Smart search and filter tool 

Maybe you have experienced the same. You were looking for a specific document, a certain regulation or a message or feedback from a colleague, but you can't find it anywhere! Our smart search and filter option, could be your solution. Say goodbye to search functionalities that are only search for specific names of documents. From now on you can find all information by typing in a specific word or subject in our search filter. It works just like Google. Saves you a lot of time and frustration. So go ahead! Start the (search) engines! 


Smiling faces

New colleagues, external project members or existing clients within your company. Sometimes you meet so many different people within the company. And afterwards you realise you wanted to say something to them. The profile page is normally the place on the social intranet where everything and everyone comes together. Faces get a name and profile data is easily accessible and adjusted. And with our build-in onboarding, you can stimulate colleagues to fill in their profile and to keep it up-to-date. 


But what if you want to connect with them by sending a short message for example. That's where our direct messaging button comes in. Click on the chat button when you have found a specific person and immediately start sending a message. Next to sending an emoji you can also send GIPHY's. A little bit of humour might help to improve your work relations :) Want to know more about direct messaging and the advantages? Then we recommend to also read our other blog here 

Do you know more useful functionalities? Let us know in the comments!