The employee as number one

In our vision you only create real commitment if you learn to think from the perspective of the employee

Our vision

Plek views communication from the employees experience. They are increasingly demanding: they want interesting work, nice colleagues, to constantly develop themselves and participate in discussions about their future. As an organization, you can only achieve your goals if they are aligned with those of your employees. Otherwise, they walk away.

New organisational forms are also emerging: self-managing teams and task forces and freelancers in close collaboration with external partners. Processes and structures are becoming increasingly flexible and are constantly changing. This has an impact on our way of working.

The world of work is upside down

Holland has over a million freelancers; millennials will only work for an employer for two to three years on average; and according to Gallup, only 12% of employees feels engaged in their work. The new standard is flexibility, self-regulating teams and cooperation with external parties.


Employee experience

Organizations must learn to communicate in a fundamentally different way, with the employee at the center. Only that leads to real commitment from employees as well as from freelancers or external cooperation partners. Plek, therefore, thinks from the needs of employees: good onboarding, easy collaboration in teams, real two-way communication, self-organisation, personal connections and opportunities for development and thinking along - all clearly arranged on one platform.


More than just a social intranet

Fundamentally, Plek remains a working tool: you can use it as a social intranet, internal knowledge sharing or community platform. But by also looking at the implementation and usage of the platform from an employee perspective, we are convinced that you can achieve organisational goals such as more effective communication, broader knowledge sharing, more efficient collaboration, less absenteeism and lower turnover. Want to know more about our solution? Have a look at the page below!

Employee journey

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