Communicate with colleagues securely, regardless of their physical location. Get going with Plek straight away, and kickstart knowledge sharing, connection and civilian participation.

Connect and share knowledge securely

Plek enables easy and quick communication with colleagues. Share top-down communication in posts, information pages and documents. Stimulate connection and engagement via user-driven content: users can create knowledge or interest groups and events, all by themselves. Regardless of their physical workplace, because of course the Plek app works from any location and on any device. Plek also allows for safe communication with external parties such as citizens, entrepreneurs, municipalities and water boards.

Veilig kennis delen en verbinden
Easily share news, knowledge, document and agendas
Office 365 integration for efficient collaboration
Plek is transparent, low-threshold and intuitive
Experienced support, proven implementation plan
Personalized employee onboarding and activation
Rapid product development, in consultation with our customers

Beter samenwerken, ook met externe partijen

Work better together, also with external parties

Plek provides secure and restricted access for external users such as interest groups or participating civilians. This allows you to easily communicate and work together, whilst keeping sensitive information protected at all times. The chat is 100% secure, and all data is securely and professionally hosted in the Netherlands.  

Smart makes simple

Plek is low-threshold, and it encourages knowledge sharing. Use the Office 365 integration, the tasks module and the secure chat for smooth collaboration and alignment. Your results: committed civil servants, increased civilian participation and engaged entrepreneurs.

Slim maakt simpel
Veilig samenwerken: integratie met Office 365

Office 365 integration

Plek’s functionalities can be integrated with Office 365 in a flexible and very secure way. Some examples are working together on documents, synchronizing users and groups, and a homepage connection.

Case: Berkelland’s self-managing teams

Read this case to find out how Plek connects the municipality of Berkelland’s self-managing teams.

Plek also connects employees at the Dutch Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom Relations, the Netherlands Institute for Human Rights, the Dutch Language Union and Holland Rijnland. More info? Get in touch: call 020-3697577 or