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Plek as communityplatform

Plek revolves around employees

Support, activate and inspire your employees and let them communicate the way they are used to at home: easily, socially and of course on mobile. This will increase engagement, knowledge sharing and the capacity to innovate.

The starting point of the working day

You reach everyone, and colleagues find each other on Plek. This is even more important now, in these uncertain times and remote working.

Plek as social intranet

Start your day on Plek

Plek teams collaboration

Collaboration across teams

Collaboration is not just about getting things done. Thinking about things is essential for growth, innovation and change. Online, you do this within an internal community, perhaps next to your intranet.

Plek as internal community

Reach everyone, everywhere

How do you reach and engage employees on the shopfloor, on the ward, on the road and on site? With an app that is a good alternative to WhatsApp, but one that is safe and yours.

Plek as employee app

Plek as employee app

  • Plek puts employees first
  • Easy, social and mobile, just like home
  • Step by step towards more employee engagement
  • Expert and inspired support
  • Ahead in technology and security
  • Monthly releases with security updates and improvements

Plek supports the employee journey

Support employees on their journey

Plek supports the entire employee journey, with separate modules for onboarding, social learning and innovation. All on one platform, along with programs on organisational purpose, organisational change and sustainable employability.

The employee journey

A good start for new colleagues

Good onboarding is not something you should do by yourself, it should continue after the first month. Engage new colleagues from day one - or even before.


onboarding on Plek

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How do you make sure you keep your employees involved from day one?

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