Connect, engage and grow productivity

With end-to-end employee experience, dialogue and communication.
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Improve internal communication, knowledge sharing, collaboration, onboarding, employee engagement, and productivity.

With Plek, HR, Internal Communications, and leadership actively collaborate to enhance the employee experience.

At a pace that suits you best.

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Internal Communication

Reach and engage everyone, in the office and on the shop floor. Provide a complete employee experience with one app.

With Plek, you are connected to your team and organization everywhere.

Learn more about Plek Social Intranet and the Plek Employee App.

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Give New Employees an Amazing Start: Efficient and Effective Pre-, Team, and Role Onboarding.

Gain Insight into What Truly Matters to New Employees.

Learn More about Plek Employee Onboarding.

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Engage in personalized conversations at scale with all employees. Discuss topics such as engagement, compliance, or vision and culture.

Support team leaders in addressing what is actually happening.

Learn more about Plek MTO and Plek Smart Conversations.

Employee Engagement

Create connections and realise objectives through dialogue

Plek provides a single digital environment for all your top-down and bottom-up communication – whether it concerns your strategy, organisation-wide topics or team developments. Key information is always easily accessible, either in Plek or through integrations. Staff members can respond immediately and engage with each other. This makes your communication more meaningful, while driving discussion and knowledge sharing. 


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Connect with every individual

You can onboard employees and guide them through new standards and instructions, perhaps related to compliance or security. Help them adopt new guidelines in a pace that suits them. Customise based on data-driven insights that reveal what's really going on. This will boost your employees’ engagement and their productivity.

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Design the best employee experience

One environment instead of several. Our modular solutions allow you to design the best employee experience. This way you make it easy for employees and you improve their experience.

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Hit the ground running

Our approach ensures that users can hit the ground running. This allows for a successful implementation, after which we help you grow further. Don’t worry, we’ve literally done this hundreds of times!

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The premier digital platform for your employee experience and communication