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About Plek

Plek is a smart platform for Workforce Alignment and Communication available on desktop and app. Plek is for large companies with a workforce comprising desk and/or non-desk employees, working remotely, at home or hybrid.

Improve your Organisational Health

When remote or hybrid working is more rule than exception, it’s more difficult to keep everyone aligned and connected, let alone successfully onboard new employees.

Organisational health, the ability of your organisation to effectively align, execute, and renew itself in line with market developments, employee needs and client demands, is at stake unless you take action.

With Plek you connect and engage employees, so they excel in their jobs, empowering your entire workforce to boost productivity and put your employees at the center.

An all-in-one platform for employees, where all the dots are connected. A central place, which facilitates connection, engagement and empowerment, where information is always available and which really puts your employees central-stage.

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Our solutions



Boost communication, knowledge sharing and collaboration in a single trusted working space.



Boost employee engagement & learn from data about what your employees think and what they need to excel.



Empower every individual at scale and quickly align on vision and strategies across your entire organisation (not just in teams!).

Single platform for Desktop and App

Plek is the perfect hub which seamlessly syncs with your existing applications and provides your employees with a fully integrated experience, where all the dots are connected. Plek is available on desktop and native iOS and Android apps, and integrates with over 750 different types of tools, apps and software. Users can easily find, edit and update documents stored in various applications. Plek integrates with Office 365 and Google Drive, HR systems and salary administration.

So, why not make Plek the central Hub of your organisation and boost efficiency, user experience and save money on other (stand-alone) tools and/ or licenses?

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Employee app

Collaboration across teams

Who and what is Plek?

At Plek we work with a team of over 30 international professionals and seasoned experts to help Leaders, HR and Internal Communicators to get a grip on organisational health and truly add value at a strategic level.

We not only develop the Plek platform, but we are actively engaged in implementations and installations closely collaborating with our clients and partners as well. Client success is what drives us and our consultant will help you with every step.

  • Starting in 2014, we now serve over 350 organisations ranging in size from 500 to over 20.000 employees using our platform.
  • Currently used worldwide with direct customers in the Netherlands, UK, Belgium, Germany.
  • ISO 270001 certified, fully GDPR compliant.
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