Your smart Activation Manager: personal and effective

Plan ahead with automated, multi-step onboarding, campaigns, feedback, dialogue and compliance. Individual support with impeccable timing.
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Set up onboarding, feedback, dialogue, campaigns and compliance – and create a single, consistent experience.

The Activation Manager is here to help you arrange and automate your activities, bringing together all separate initiatives to create a holistic, personalised experience.

Here are some examples of the types of activities you can combine:

  •  Onboarding activities – everything from preboarding to onboarding for your new role, department or organisation. From videos to checklists and from training to feedback.
  •  Feedback – about how your team performs or how your tribe collaborates. Biannual 360-degree feedback or feedback on team offboarding. Any feedback that adds value.
  •  Dialogue – engage in Smart Conversations and join the dialogue. Talk about the company strategy, agility, a change programme and more.
  • Internal campaigns – launch multi-step campaigns to inform and engage your employees. Why not share a video every other day and follow it up with a feedback round? How about disseminating HR info in stages?
  •   Updates and tests – periodic updates, for example on new products, information security or compliance. If desired, follow up with a test or quiz.

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Work with your smart Activation Manager

Use Plek's Activation manager to set up flows to reach the right people at the right time, based on specific triggers and conditions.

A flow consists of:

  • Your target audience, defined on the basis of groups, roles, or other criteria.
  • One or more steps. Think of watching a video, reading content, checking a document, uploading a video, answering questions, doing a quiz, engaging in a dialogue, etc.
  • Your planning and triggers. Maybe your employee’s first day in a new role or team. Perhaps three weeks after the first onboarding week. A month after a certain change, etc.
  • Options for repetition and reminders, to be more effective.
  • A range of communication options. For example, will you use the app or go through desktop? With what type of notification? When does the audience need a reminder?
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Organise it with the Activation Manager

With your smart Activation Manager, you set up an automated flow – whether you are an executive, HR officer, communications or compliance specialist.

Micro learning: better outcomes through gradual knowledge sharing and feedback collection

What is the most effective? Building expertise gradually or giving all information at once? One-time knowledge sharing, or repeated, step-by-step teachings, looking at the subject from shifting perspectives? Only sending information, or collecting feedback as well?
It is often better to communicate and share knowledge step by step. To repeat, test and collect feedback. And to receive automated reminders, if and when necessary.
The Activation Manager lets you plan and automate this in one fell swoop, making onboarding, communication, learning and feedback collection so much more effective.

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An individual, clear overview – without overload

Your employees only see activities that are relevant for them, at the time they are relevant. They have a clear overview of tasks in the app and in Plek's desktop sidebar. And when activities become urgent, they pop up on the screen.
Users receive a notification or email to inform them of a new activity – depending on their preference. Plek sends reminders automatically, unless the user switches off this functionality. And Plek ensures that employees do not receive too many messages and activities at once, thereby preventing overload.

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Designed to make your work easy

Plek’s Activation Manager is ideal for managers and professionals in HR, communication, knowledge management and compliance. The Activation Manager is designed to make your work easy. All you need to do is think about how you want it to happen and provide a good schedule. After that, it all happens automatically.
You see the activities you organise in connection with those arranged by others. This gives you a clear and coherent overview, allowing you to collaborate in a structured, consistent and transparent way. Of course, you receive automatic updates about the progress and outcomes.

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Insight into progress, outcomes and effectiveness

Continuous insight into results and changes

Keep your finger on the pulse with direct results and feedback. What are the concerns of your staff? What are the issues? Can you see areas where expertise falls short?
Changes in metrics often provide the biggest insights. That is why they are clearly visible: what are the changes in employee engagement? Which teams rate collaboration differently from before?

Optimise the effectiveness of activities

The Activation Manager provides a clear picture of the effectiveness of activities. Are activities going well? Progressing as planned? Should we change the content? What can we do to improve the planning? These insights help you improve effectiveness.

Monitor onboarding at an individual level

You can follow the onboarding process of each new employee. Do they need any help? Who could do with some extra guidance? Of course, privacy is assured.

Hit the ground running with templates and off-the-shelf content

Why don’t you use our templates and complete them with your own content? Or you can use our ready-to-use content, with templates that only require minor adjustments to match the tone of voice of your organisation. Plek and its partners are here to help you!
Use templates and off-the-shelf content for:

  • Preboarding
  • Onboarding
  • Employee engagement dialogues
  • Strategy dialogues
  • Change programme dialogues
  • Information security

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