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Always included to drive your success

  • Your own branding and URL
  • Implementation and adoption support
  • Platform onboarding
  • Support, performance, and uptime
  • Customer community GoPlek

Recommended for maximum impact

  • Your own corporate app
  • SSO (Single Sign-On, including as an identity provider)
  • User synchronization
  • Integrations with MS 365, Google Drive, and your other tools, including AFAS, TOPdesk, and Zenya.

What can Plek do for your organisation?

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“Thanks to Plek, that connection has become much better and colleagues know how to find each other more quickly.”
Gabi Hafkenscheid

Quality Advisor Op Stoom

“The big difference between Plek and the old intranet was that the ZMC went from 'sending information' to 'connecting colleagues'.”
Pauline van Brederode

Communication Advisor Zaans Medisch Centrum

“The app is both an information center and a meeting platform for volunteers who supervise the holidays.”
Katinka Kersting

Communication Advisor Johanniter

“Plek offers us an interactive social platform that makes it possible to get in touch with colleagues from all over the Netherlands.”
Melisa Seyhan

Specialist Internal Communication BMN Nederland

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