Why Plek?

We unite people and organizations

Leadership, team leads, HR, Communication teams, and IT, all contribute to your employee experience and engagement.

We help them unite around a complete and meaningful experience, from a common purpose to productivity. And help our clients to orchestrate a seamless, people-centric experience that unites everyone, in the office, on the shopfloor or in the field, remote, and in communities.


A flexible platform that grows along with your goals

Plek provides a best-in-class platform for employee experience and communications.

You set goals and you choose for whom you want to create a complete and meaningful experience to support these goals. We provide the platform, app, and templates to make that experience seamless and personalised. From onboarding to effective communications, feedback, and continuous learning.

Plek Framework

All-in-one, from onboarding to listening and learning

Plek was built people-centric from the start, to make things simple and bring together what is often fragmented and siloed.

Start small or make your Plek as complete as you want from the start: from preboarding to role onboarding, from internal communications to team communications, from feedback to listening at scale, and from knowledge sharing to external communities. Completely modular and flexible, in one platform, with one personalised app.

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Plek is about the soft and hard sides of engagement

Employee experience and communication drive engagement. And engagement, in turn, drives results and happiness at work. It’s at the core of every organisation: as both driver and result of how you perform as a collective.

Some say engagement is fuzzy. It’s not. It is just both soft and hard: from purpose to productivity, with happy people and great results, directing and listening, sharing values and goals, in hearts and minds. Growing engagement is about making both the soft and hard meaningful and true.

We created Plek so you can easily focus on both the soft and hard sides of engagement. Want to know more? Read about how employee experience and comms build engagement.

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Grow together with Plek

At Plek, we pride ourselves on having a diverse,  international team with a culture of openness, curiosity, creativity and ownership. Meet our team. We offer a flexible work environment and great opportunities for learning and growth. Are you ready for a new challenge?

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Reach your goals with Plek Partners

Plek partners can help you reach your organization’s goals. Plek Sector Partners have deep experience and capacity to successfully reach goals in your sector, e.g., in health care, retail or automotive. Plek Pro Partners can support you with their professional expertise, like onboarding, knowledge sharing, strategic alignment or employee apps.

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