Guide employees through key processes with Employee Journeys

Take your employees step by step through key processes, such as onboarding, safety ladders, campaigns, compliance, training, and dialogues. Personal, ánd always at the right moment.
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Activate your employees for maximum impact

With Plek's Activation Manager you develop "Employee Journeys" that reach the right people at the right time - based on specific triggers and conditions. An Employee Journey consists of:

  • Your target audience, based on groups, roles or other criteria.
  • One or more steps, such as watching a video, reading content, viewing a document, uploading a video or photo, answering questions, taking a test, participating in a dialogue.
  • Your schedule and triggers, such as at a predetermined time or date, or when someone starts on a team, or three weeks later, or after a certain change.
  • Settings for repetition and reminders, so that you achieve more effect and results.
  • Communication options, e.g. via app or desktop, choose your type of notifications and reminders.
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All processes streamlined into one experience

With the Activation Manager you organize and automate activities, and turn separate initiatives into one personalized experience. This is possible in any field or topic, such as:

  • Onboarding: From pre-boarding to onboarding for your new company, department or role; from videos and checklists to training and feedback.
  • Feedback: Any type of feedback collection. For instance, on how your team is functioning; how your tribe is working together; semi-annual 360 evaluation; or feedback on team offboarding
  • Participate in dialogue, with "Smart conversations," about business strategy, agility or a change program, for example.
  • Internal campaigns: in multiple phases. For example: a video every few days followed by feedback, or information from HR dosed in steps.
  • Updates and tests: About new products, information security or compliance. Followed by a test or quiz.
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Employee Journeys in any area of interest

Easily organize and automate key processes with variable content. And, if desired you can track the progress as well.

Make new colleagues feel at home and become productive as quickly as possible. Or create an off-boarding Journey so you don't forget anything.

Create an Employee Journey so you can be sure that all employees are up to date on the latest security measures.

Involve colleagues in increments: every few days a piece of strategy or questions about a new product, followed by questions and feedback. 

Keep basic knowledge on par in a fun way: test with a quiz.

Keep your employees up to date on the most pressing security measures and test their knowledge and skills with ongoing testing.

Listen to what is going on among your employees and ask later, for example, about employee satisfaction.

Tailor-made step-by-step engagement

Which works better? Dosing incrementally, or all at once? One-offs or repetition, with just a different perspective? Only sending, or also asking for feedback?

Based on our experience it often works better if you dose communication and knowledge in steps, repeat and test or ask for feedback. And automatically reminds when necessary.

With the Activation Manager you ensure Employee Journeys are more effective.

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Personal and conveniently listed, without overload

As an employee, you only see the activities that are relevant to you and only when they matter to you. You'll see them conveniently lined up: in the app and in Plek's side panel. And if the priority is high, you will also get it as a pop-up across the screen.

When a new activity occurs, you receive a notification or email, according to your preference. Plek automatically provides reminders, unless you turn that off. And Plek prevents overload, by making sure you don't get too many activities and messages on your plate at once.

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Track progress and make adjustments as needed

Track the progress of an employee journey per person

With beautiful dashboards you can see where each employee is per journey. Where can you still help? Who can take him or her a step further?

Optimize the effectiveness of your Journeys

You also get insight into the effectiveness of your Journeys. How are the Journeys performing? Where is progress faltering? Could the content be better? Where can you improve the planning? With those insights, you optimize the effectiveness of your Employee Journeys.

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Get started quickly with Employee Journeys from the Plek Store

Make use of our examples, which you can easily fill with your own content. Or make use of ready-made templates for which you only need to adjust the tone-of-voice to that of your organization.

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