The premier all-in-one employee app

Enable a complete and meaningful employee experience with just one app. Plek connects you with your team and organisation. From anywhere.
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Connect and engage every employee

Everyone within reach – from anywhere
At the construction site, inside the hospital or in the factory. At the office, at home or en route. Users decide for themselves how and when they want to connect.

Connection requires meaningful dialogue
Bring meaning into the conversation and cut the noise. With personalised onboarding, meaningful contact with those around you, continuous dialogue and feedback, the app supports your entire employee experience, meaningfully.

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All-in-one: connected, engaged and productive

One powerful app, bringing it all together

You decide which components you want to use, all in one app. Create any combination, from onboarding, team communication, chat, updates, documents, company objectives, payslips, address book or compliance – more powerful together than the sum of parts.

Enable cross-fertilisation instead of fragmentation

Many organisations have the right info and messages in place. Only priorities and rhythm differ from what employees need. Make it more relevant with just-in-time and combined messaging. Have a quick dialogue on purpose when getting updates on goals? View a quick video update when checking your payslip? 

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All info you need, always at hand

Combine all types of communication

The Plek app unites all types of communication, so that they reinforce one another. Team communication, cross-team communication, top-down communication, news, 1-on-1 chats, feedback and continuous dialogue. All combined, all personalised.

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This is what sets Plek apart

A seamless experience, wherever you work

Most features of Plek work the same in your mobile app, your desktop browser and the desktop app. So wherever you look for onboarding, team communication or payslips, you’ll get the same seamless experience. And Plek synchronises everything, so you’ll never receive the same notification twice.

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“Plek has done much to connect people. It's become much easier for colleagues to find one another.”
Gabi Hafkenscheid

Quality Advisor Op Stoom

Go live before you know it

  • With our proven approach, your branded app will be available in the app store within six weeks.
  • The Plek Activation Engine supports rapid adoption at every workplace.
  • Go for Plek and focus attention on adoption of only one app.
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Adoption rate: 73%

Het Gastenhuis provides a warm home to people with Alzheimer’s. Within two months after launch, 73% of all non-desk employees at the various locations were working with the Plek app.

Complement Microsoft 365 with your Plek app

MS 365 consists of multiple apps, and is often too large and unwieldy. For many organisations, it is simply too complex to manage. The Plek app offers a comprehensive, user-friendly employee experience that includes the best of your Microsoft 365. We provide smart integrations that embed MS 365 in the Plek app, and our app in MS 365.

Read more about how you improve the MS 365 employee experience with Plek.

Complement MS 365 with Plek

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Flexible: start with low risk, grow smoothly

Start with Plek as small or as big as you want.

Target improvement of the employee experience

Choose which parts of the experience you want to strengthen and for whom. Mainly internal comms first, or include onboarding and active feedback collection from start? Better product updates or also paychecks for shop staff?

Big bang or pockets of growth?
Start with a team, a department or division, a tribe or the entire organisation? – Plek supports all your goals.

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