Collaborate with Plek and become our partner!

Collaborate with Plek!

Help your customers build success with Plek: the most user-friendly communication platform.
Create space for additional support and monthly recurring revenue.
Guus Vreeswijk from DentalPlek: "Thanks to Plek, I was able to launch my own label in no time!"

Why Plek?

Plek is a young and rapidly growing company. We owe part of our success to our partners. And because we want to continue to develop, you can also become a partner of Plek!

What do you get as a partner of Plek? A very competitive product, professional support and personal attention. We provide support when you need it and we give you the freedom to realize your own ambitions. We offer an excellent revenue model and no complicated constructions, partner fees or sales targets. Our aim is to build a successful collaboration, in the shape and size that suits you best.

this is Plek
Choose the partner model that suits you
We help you generate leads
No sales targets
There is a Plek for all businesses, small or large
Rapid development
Professional support
Plek is jouw vertrouwde partner

Plek has something for everyone!

Plek offers various partner models. There's bound to be one that suits you! We do not see ourselves as your competitor but as your trusted partner. It doesn't matter if you offer Plek with or without your own label, your customers are always our priority. Would you like to know more? Contact us and drop by for a cup of coffee! You can reach us at +31(0)20-3697577

Dental Plek

The oral care sector is not very progressive when it comes to technology. Internal communication is often not facilitated properly and as a result, employees use WhatsApp to communicate. But the arrival of the General Data Protection Regulation means that dental practices are no longer allowed to use WhatsApp. Guus Vreeswijk, founder of Dental Plek, cleverly responded by entering into a partnership with Plek: Guus launched his own platform for the dental care professional. Plek takes care of product development and Guus is responsible for his own label and his own customers. The oral care sector now relies on Dental Plek to bring an end to unsafe WhatsApp groups, too many emails and messy piles of protocols and files.

Dental Plek