Plek Employee Onboarding

Pre-boarding, onboarding, team and role onboarding. Offer the perfect start to new ánd existing employees.
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Fully productive and settled, in no time at all

Offer new employees the perfect start with Plek Onboarding. Increase their commitment and productivity before they even started.
A warm welcome: get to know colleagues and company culture in a pleasant and efficient way.
Informed from the start: provide clarity on vision, strategy, (behavioural) rules, standards and policies.
Structured and phased: easy and clear, with a clear overview of the onboarding process.
Get feedback: know what is going well and what could be improved.
Know where people are: keep an eye on the process and prevent people from getting stuck without anyone noticing.

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02. Solutions - Onboarding - Feel at home quickly
Getting a grip on what really matters to new employees. With good onboarding, people are 58% more likely to still be working at the organisation after three years.

State of the American Workplace

Continuous onboarding

Whether you prefer to start small and fast with our templates or have very ambitious plans. Plek offers both an extremely easy-to-use app and knowledge, experience and a thoroughly tested structure. Incorporated in easy to use and adapt templates.


Make hay when the sun's out and start prior to the first working day, even before the new colleague has a work-email address. Phased and at their own pace, without overloading anyone.

Organisation onboarding

Engage new colleagues in shared values, culture and vision. Share and test knowledge about safety, compliance and processes. Lead new employees the way, without yet another new app.

Team and Role-Onboarding

Tailored onboarding. Support team leaders with onboarding in their team, with templates and knowledge from Plek and from our partners. Do not lose sight, even after the first few weeks.

Insight and overview for more control

Understanding where new employees are within the onboarding process. Plek gives clear insights into who has completed what, and what not yet. Keep a grip on it all, even with larger numbers of new employees. Make sure team leaders are aware which new employees will start, and what is expected of them and when.

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05. Solutions - Social Intranet - data insights

Feedback on how new people are doing

A human, personal touch is important in onboarding, even when using Plek. You will want to know how new people are doing, even if you don't see them every day. Plek enables you to collect feedback in a simple and structured way, so you know exactly what is going on and can support where needed. This helps team leaders to improve onboarding in their team. 

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04. Solutions - Onboarding - Insight into expectations

This is how onboarding works on Plek 

Plek contains templates for introducing new employees to the main processes, structures, guidelines, strategy, culture and vision in a step-by-step, structured way. Of course, you can customise the process by adding steps or changing the order.

The Program Manager offers you information, tasks and evaluation forms in phases.
Information pages with up-to-date information and manuals.
Available anytime, anywhere, as your own branded app, via a browser, in Teams, or a combination.
Smart notifications, via push or email, depending on selected preferences.

Read more about the Plek Activation Manager

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05. Homepage - Hit the ground running
“Compliance and security are important theme's, and an essential element in onboarding. They require attention, and not just in the first 30 days in a new role. This is why at Plek we believe continuous onboarding is crucial."
Beatrice Derks

Solution Specialist Onboarding

Secure, integrated and without duplicating efforts

Plek is secure, GDPR-proof and ISO-certified. Through smart links with, for example, MS 365, Google and HRM systems such as AFAS or Loket, we avoid duplication of effort.

Use Plek Onboarding as a standalone app or from the MS Teams store.

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03. Solutions - Social Intranet - seamless integration (1) (1)

A swift start with handy templates, in collaboration with our consultants

Why reinvent the wheel? Plek's template store offers examples from us and from our partners to get started quickly. For topics such as preboarding, organisation onboarding, team onboarding, evaluations, offboarding, compliance, security.
Work with our consultants or with one of our partners during your implementation.

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03. Solutions - Onboarding - Control over the things new employees really care about

Customers about Plek Onboarding

“New volunteers follow an onboarding program via the app, which allows them to learn more about Johanniter Nederland and the holidays.”
Katinka Kersting
Communicatiion Advisor Johanniter
“As an organization, you really miss the connection between colleagues if you see onboarding and the intranet as two separate parts.”
Pauline van Brederode
Communication Advisor Zaans Medisch Centrum
“Plek is a pleasant social interactive platform that contributes to the ambition of our organization to be close, approachable and transparent.”
Melisa Seyhan
Internal Communication Specialist BMN Nederland

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