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Enjoy conversations at scale while gaining fact-based insights – up to team level
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Listen at scale
Do you really know what's going on in your organisation? How people feel about the new strategy, about internal communication or the management of various teams?
Ideally, you’d start your day with a coffee and a chat with everyone, just to keep your ear to the ground. Unfortunately, team leaders, HR managers and board members simply lack the time and must rely on other resources – which often leads to outdated, biased or muddled information.

But Plek allows you to listen at scale without issues, providing fact-based insights into any relevant topic.

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Continuous conversations 

Plek lets you have a personalised and anonymous conversation – with the entire organisation.

  • Ask follow-up questions about topics that matter to your conversation partner.
  • Dive deeper into what was previously discussed.
  • Drive the conversation with smart suggestions, based on what others have said and value.
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Fact-based insights and employee personas

Plek Smart Conversations lets you have an unbiased dialogue. Uncover the things that matter most to your employee and ask follow-up questions.

Plek uses the collected, factual information to create employee personas: groups of people with similar opinions. Next, you can analyse how your personas think about specific topics, and how they are distributed over the various departments, teams, positions, age groups and locations.

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What is Smart Conversations?

You can use the module Smart Conversations to engage in personalised dialogues at scale. Discuss any theme – think engagement, strategy, change management, new standards and more. Advanced algorithms analyse your conversations to create employee personas, helping you to develop more targeted policies and communication.

Personalised conversations about any topic

  • Employee satisfaction
  • Compliance
  • Employee onboarding
  • Changes
  • Vision and culture
  • Your own, personalised conversation
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Activate managers and team leaders

Support managers and team leaders with the key issues and objectives in their team. Give your managers and team leaders insight and direct access to a knowledge bank to ensure more impact.

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Use Plek Smart Conversations with any browser, with your branded, mobile app or with MS Teams.

Set it up as a stand-alone solution or integrate it with the Plek Employee Experience platform, to leverage it for your internal communication, onboarding, compliance, security and more.

Safe and anonymous

Secure and ISO-certified, because security is key. With Plek, information from employee satisfaction conversations can never be traced back to individuals. Our platform and app are ISO-certified and meet the strictest security standards. Read more about this topic on Plek Information Security.

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Curious about all the possibilities?

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