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Reach out to everyone, always and everywhere

Does your organization already have a community platform for your members? Or are you looking to improve communication in your existing community? The Plek Community Platform improves the way you communicate, collaborate and share knowledge – through a single, central platform.

02. Solutions - Community - Reach out to everyone, always and everywhere

This is what sets us apart


User-friendly, fast and complete


Smooth sharing of messages, documents, photos, videos and events


Fast search that includes the contents of documents


Individual and group chats, safer than WhatsApp

Desktop & Mobile

Works seamlessly from desktop, tablet and phone – both iOS and Android

ISO 27001

ISO 27001 certified

Modern and easily accessible

The Plek Community Platform has everything a successful community needs: comprehensive profile pages, a user-friendly CMS, powerful mobile apps, a special onboarding module that helps new members to find their way, and smart analytics to track engagement and participation.

03. Solutions - Community - Modern and easily accessible
“The app has raised awareness of the firm and helped us to connect with members and the business community. ”
Yildiz Betez

Partner Thackray Williams LLP

Layered access, including for external stakeholders

Plek's rights structure is easily adjustable and transparent. You can communicate with all members through news channels, work together in restricted governance or expert groups and even provide access to external stakeholders, with any limitation you deem fitting.

04. Solutions - Community - Layered access, including for external stakeholders

Get to know your members

Find out what your members think with surveys, personalised questionnaires and conversations. Use these for the automatic creation of member personas, which allow you to categorise your member base. You can now target your communication much better – with Plek, of course.


Modern technology is the foundation

Plek uses the latest technology, including apps for iOS and Android. We can connect with most member databases, in a secure way. You can also publish a content feed from Plek on your public website to attract new members. Learn more about how we protect all your data and information.

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06. Solutions - Community - Modern technology is the foundation

Go live in no time with a proven approach

Your own Plek Community can go live in no time. We assist you with a set, proven plan, focusing on user adoption instead of technique. This guarantees a successful implementation.

07. Solutions - Community - Go live in no time with a proven approach

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