9 reasons why organizations choose Plek

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9 reasons why organizations choose Plek

If you're looking for a platform for internal communication, you'll encounter many, many options to choose from. Dutch and foreign. Free and paid. Elaborate or very simple. Obviously, we can't decide what's the best fit for your organization. But we can let you know why so many organizations choose Plek! There's nothing like a shameless bit of self-promotion, after all.

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Plek in a nutshell: a user-friendly and well-organized communication platform with all the essential functionalities to make your working day a lot easier. You can download a detailed overview of all the features and capabilities of Plek social intranet here. And if you need a convincing business case to persuade your colleagues or bosses to choose Plek, we got your back:

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1. Up close and personal

All contact between you and Plek is up close and personal. We're located in Amsterdam and we're here for you with an enthusiastic in-house team of designers and developers. An experienced supervisor will help you during the implementation of Plek. Our implementation approach has been applied successfully with over a 100 customers! The focus is on user activation instead of technology. And of course we also keep in touch after your Plek goes live. 

2. Four-weekly update, for free

The Plek roadmap is drawn up based on feedback from customers, current developments and our own philosophy. Plek doesn't have versioning, everyone always gets access to the latest Plek. This way, you always benefit from improvements. For free! We publish an update on our blog every four weeks to let you know what's new on Plek.

3. Complete and accessible

Plek has all the essential functionalities for communication (such as a smart search engine, collaborating in groups, documents and chat) but there's more. If you want to log in by means of Single Sign-On, we'll make it happen. Need an integration with Office 365? Consider it done. Or go for one of our optional modules, such as the Innovation Reactor.

Even though we have all those features and capabilities, we've still managed to keep Plek simple, accessible and user-friendly. All of your colleagues will get the hang of it in no time: from CEO to front desk clerk, at the office or at a construction site.


4. Mix of relevant communication

Your Plek homepage is made up of updates from channels (for organization-wide information) and from groups you're a member of. And you can choose how to display this information: choose the timeline view - where all updates are chronologically ordered, or the block view - where all updates are nicely ordered per group or channel. And you can switch views whenever you want.

It's easy to create your own group on Plek. It's up to you what kind of group you want to create (such as a project or department), whether the group is open, private or secret, and which tools are relevant for it. You can turn a group into a micro-site with the full package (such as applications and documents) or you can simply use it as a group chat. 

Plek platform admins can feature posts in order to draw attention to important news. Group admins also get this option, but only for posts in their own group(s).

Additionally, you can use Plek to chat with colleagues, both 1-on-1 and in groups.

This way, Plek smoothly mixes top-down, bottom-up and horizontal communication. We'll make sure your Plek is always a 100% relevant.


5. Powerful search and filter possibilities

It's easy to find all the information, knowledge and updates you need on Plek. The full-text search sifts through all content, and provides a structured and personalized overview of the results. Within the various parts of Plek you can also filter search results by means of the taxonomy. Within documents you can easily filter by, for instance, document type 'manual' or department 'finance'. Or filter for a specific expertise within the profiles.

6. Personal notifications - no overload

Users can determine which notifications they want to receive via the app (push notifications) or by email. However a platform admin can always send push or email notifications about important updates, regardless of users' notification settings. This option is great for important news or in case of an emergency. 

7. Rich profiles

The profile fields on Plek can be customized to provide a perfect fit with your organization. Profiles contain personal information and a list of the user's groups, recent messages and documents. Obviously, others can only see the information they have permission for - so not everyone gets to see secret groups and their contents.


8. Interactive onboarding

Our onboarding can be adjusted to fit any organization. Together, we make sure Plek's onboarding seamlessly aligns with the organization's goals. Upon a user's first Plek login, they receive a warm welcome, information about the purpose of the platform and the option to join groups and complete their profile. A great way to kick-start your experience on Plek! 

9. App for Android and iOS (and desktop!)

Of course we offer a complete and lightning-fast native Plek app. It allows you to access your Plek at any time, wherever you are. The mobile app is available for Android and iOS, and we also offer a desktop app for Windows and Mac. What more could you wish for?!


Would you like to take a tour through Plek with one of our social business experts? Or do you have any questions about Plek's features or benefits - as a social intranet, community platform or digital workplace for teams? Please get in touch with Justus or Rik or give us a call at +3120-3697577.