Real commitment

Low employee involvement is a serious problem. Creating a change requires a change of mind.

Plek commitment


Everyone is talking about involvement and nobody is against it. Yet according to research agency Gallup, only 12% of Dutch employees are involved in his or her work. This leads to a poor working atmosphere, lower productivity, safety and quality incidents, and high absenteeism and turnover.

For many organisations it is therefore high on the agenda, but real change is difficult. We believe that involving employees goes far beyond informing them, offering them a course and occasionally organising a staff party.

Support from above

This summer the members of the Business Roundtable came up with a new definition of the purpose of a company. In addition to maximising shareholder value, this is now also: taking care of employees, investing in your people and building communities. Said the CEOs of 180 multinationals, including Apple, Ford, Walmart, Pepsi, Exxon, Mastercard, Amazon, Citigroup and Plekklanten KPMG, CBRE & Accenture.

Intrinsic motivation

Creating real involvement requires a change of mind, and that starts at the top. Putting the employee at the center means switching from extrinsic (salary, lease car, gamification) to intrinsic motivation. So working together on the realisation of connectedness, autonomy, mastery and a higher purpose.

We believe that this must be the approach of an intranet or internal communication platform. So not informing but entering into a conversation, not sharing knowledge in itself but broadening horizons, not productivity widgets but building communities, not individual training but social learning. A good way to organize this is by working out the employee journey.

Intrinsic motivation
Plek success

Proven success

We have already helped almost 200 organizations to think more step by step from the perspective of the employee. We have a well thought out approach for this, in which the employees themselves are central from the start. And that works, because 97% of our customers stay at Plek, year in and year out. Their employees don't want to go back.