Plek update: ask around

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Plek update: ask around

Time for our monthly release update. What to expect? Search in groups, a renewed group banner, an improved document upload and a tab to navigate back and forth in Plek. And those are not the only changes. Read along to find out what's new.

Search in groups 

Plek already has a powerful search engine that enables you to search and find information throughout our entire platform. After the release it will also be possible to search information within a specific group. Which makes it even easier and faster to find specific information. 

The banner in groups also got a new look & feel and offers the user a lot of new user friendly options. A possibility to directly bookmark your favourite groups and an option to easily adjust your personal group notifications or group information. 

Plek nieuwe groepsbanner

Notifications and messages in Plek 

As of now, notifications can also be set for channels in Plek. And after the release, messages can be manually changed back into read messages or unread messages. If users do this, they will receive a new notification as an extra personal reminder. 

An extra tab

A lot of customers asked for it and now it's there! A new navigation tab in Plek. With this button, users can navigate to the previous or next page. This way they won't get lost! Please note: this option is only available for desktop users. 

Document upload

Uploading documents has become much easier. In groups, in the app, via our sidebar or via concept messages. As a user you will now also have the option to upload documents for everybody or directly in specific groups. 




When creating a form, you automatically receive a notification from the person who has completed the form. After the release, multiple users can receive a notification. Useful when people from different groups or business units want to gain insight as well. 

Mark a message as a question 

Last but not least: another new feature in Plek. This one allows you to mark a message as a question. Below a glimpse of what that looks like.

Wat vinden jullie van de nieuwe Plek?

Enjoy your new Plek!