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Communicate the way people want to

With Plek, it is easy to share messages, documents, photos, videos and events. You can like and respond, use @mentions and even post giphy's. All just as simple and fast as the apps you use at home like LinkedIn or WhatsApp, but secure and private. That is because Plek is only accessible to your colleagues and your collaboration partners.

Avoid information overload

On Plek you only see information and knowledge that is relevant to you. News channels keep you up to date on what is happening in your organisation. Your own team, project or community has a group where you can find all updates. You can also follow topics or join social groups. You are in control.

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Easy group collaboration

With Plek groups, you work together in your team, project group or community. You share messages, keep a calendar, coordinate via chat and you can also collaborate on documents. You can do this privately, so only group members can read the information. But if possible, it is better to do this openly, so that other colleagues can also learn from it. This is how you build an organisation-wide knowledge base together.

Search, but also find

Messages, profiles of colleagues, information pages and events, but also the contents of documents: Plek is searchable in seconds. The search results are clearly displayed and easy to filter. You can also create and manage your own taxonomies (categories) for each content type.

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  • All communication functions, just as easy as at home
  • Only relevant information, no overload
  • One-to-one chat or groupchat, more secure than WhatsApp
  • Collaborate in groups and on documents
  • Modules for onboarding, social learning and innovation
  • Works seamlessly on desktop, tablet and mobile, with our iOS and Android apps

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Seamless on mobile and tablet

Of course, you can use Plek however and wherever you want, as long as you have internet access. So in all browsers on all computers, but also on your iPhone, iPad or Android phone or tablet. We have native apps, which work just as smoothly and quickly as for example WhatsApp. We even have desktop apps for Windows and MacOS.

Mobile app

Add-on modules

To expand the use of Plek in your organisation, there are a number of optional modules: onboarding for new employees, the academy to stimulate social learning, and an idea generator to encourage innovation and participation. All on one platform, so everything you find important as an employee is in one place.


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Flexible integration

Plek integrates with various work systems and applications, such as Office 365, SharePoint, Google Suite, TOPdesk and Zenya (iProva). For login, we support all kinds of Single Sign-On; personnel data comes from Active Directory, AFAS or Youforce. We also have our own API.


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