Plek lets you integrate with over 750 different types of tools, apps and software. On this page you’ll learn more about our integrations


Fast integrations with Plek

Office 365 & Google Drive

Plek integrates with both Office 365 and Google Drive. It makes it easy to find documents, update them or work together with colleagues real time through our desktop app.

Single sign-on (SSO)

We have set the bar high when it comes to information security. Plek supports single-sign-on based on industry standards such as SAML, OAuth and OpenID, with Identity Providers such as Active Directory or Google. Plek can also serve as an Identity Provider.


Our SCIM, OpenID, AFAS and other HRM portal connections, provide a secure and easy solution for user management within Plek.

More features


Plek can create API connections. This helps us to safely connect applications to our platform, useful for both creating and reading content. Plek also supports WebHooks, which makes it possible to easily send notifications and messages to users.

Since we have a Zapier connection, we can link programs that are supported by Zapier. The possibilities are (almost) limitless!


Curious about the possibilities?

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