Our approach

A good rollout and successful activation are essential for the success of a social platform.

Phased deployment

Phased deployment

The right platform is a good start, but we at Plek also help you make this a success. Our approach depends on your objectives and the development phase in which your organization is in. We distinguish three levels, which we discuss below. Wherever we start, we are naturally happy to help you to the next level. This is also possible in several steps over a longer period of time.

1. Implement the employee journey

Every rollout of Plek starts with proper embedding and design. We work in five workflows: access and security, structure and content, and activation and community. We organise onboarding, news provisioning, profiles, team and project groups and profiles that all ensure that important content (manuals, regulations, contact information) are easy to find. Ambassador groups of employees play an important role in (the choices of) all workflows.

Implement the employee journey

Plek game

For our work session with ambassadors, we use a proven methodology. One of the tools we often use is the Plek board game. Participants quickly get a good idea of the possibilities of Plek. We always leave the game at the end of the session, so you can re-use or play it with new groups of colleagues.

2. Social communication

The next level in the application of Plek is the stimulation of social communication. For many customers, we do this together with the implementation but sometimes as a separate step after the basic functions of Plek have been established. This involves embedding social communication within work processes, facilitating self-organisation, and creating a platform for discussion, participation and social learning. It goes without saying that employees are the driving force here.

Social communication

Facilitating communities

3. Facilitating communities

Finally, we are happy to help you build internal communities and networks. In our view, this must come from the employees themselves. We show them how they can make the connections themselves to help others by sharing knowledge, creating social connections or coaching. A well-known methodology is working out loud. In addition to job happiness and self-development, this also leads to greater involvement and effectiveness.

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