Plek and Novicare

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Plek and Novicare

Last week, The National Intranetsymposium took place. Over 170 participants went to Nieuwegein to seek advice and to get inspiration from social intranet experts and software suppliers in the field. And Plek was also there, together with Novicare.


Novicare went live with Plek in June this year. The company was looking for a knowledge sharing solution among their experts. 

With seven locations and 180 practitioners in thirty multidisciplinary teams, a lot of expertise is available. But as employees work within different healthcare organisations and are not always physically in the same place as their peers, information and knowledge gets scattered very easily. 

So how do you make sure knowledge doesn't get lost and gets distributed in the right way? That was the challenge Novicare faced before choosing Plek. During this years conference Inge Boderie, Communication Advisor at Novicare, gave a short presentation about the implementation of their new communication platform with useful tips, tricks and a little insights.  


Impressive results 

Novinet has now been widely used. More than 91 procent of the employees actively using the platform. In only six months time, almost 600 posts and fifty active groups were founded. Even search assignments have been increased a lot.

Want to learn more about Novinet? Why not read our recently published Novicare clientcase

Curious to find out if Plek is also something for your organisation? Please reach out to Justus or dial 020-3697577.

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