professionals and volunteers are fighting fire with the Plek app

Plek on fire

As within many organizations, employees of the Amsterdam-Amstelland fire department (BAA) were not exactly fired up about their intranet. Especially after a reorganization that brought the professionals of the city of Amsterdam together with the father-to-son volunteers from outside, BAA was keen to get the internal communication to a higher level. Fortunately, Plek had a pretty hot solution for them.

As all firefighters know: there is no smoke without a fire. Firefighters want the latest news and updates, especially on mobile. But besides regular news, the Plek app also provides the Amsterdam firefighters with a live feed of incident information, directly from the control room. Because what do firefighters get all fired up about? What do they want to immediately discuss with their colleagues? Fires, of course!

But hold your horses, I hear you say: does it work? Well, the Amsterdam firemen are on fire for the app: a whopping 70% has downloaded it.