KPMG is using Plek with encrypted chat for team communication alongside SharePoint. Plek is hosted locally at KMPG's Azure servers to enable this combination. We also provided KMPG with a native Plek app, which includes the fast and secure chat feature.

The Boerhaave Medical Centre in Amsterdam makes beautiful people even prettier. It's not surprising that the plastic surgeons of Boerhaave chose the most beautifully designed social intranet they could find!

Plek works well for staffing agencies. Makes sense, because you need to engage and inform all the people working at different clients' offices. Plek is used by for example IT people, financial and HR professionals, and middle management..

How can you enable almost 10,000 members of 530 organizations and universities from 140 countries to work together and share knowledge? Plek unites the International Water Association's water experts on an online community platform, so they can share, discover, learn and reflect.

With seven different locations and one hundred and eighty practitioners in thirty multidisciplinary teams, a lot of knowledge and expertise is available at Novicare. But how do you make sure you are also able to exchange this knowledge amongst colleagues in an easy and accessible way? Novicare found the solution in Plek.

Let's be honest. When we first drove up to Abird, literally at the quay in the Rotterdam Botlek, with a refinery on the left and an oil rig docked across the street, we thought: will a social intranet really work here?

After a reorganization, the fire department of Amsterdam-Amstelland was keen to get the internal communication to a higher level. Fortunately, Plek had a smoking hot solution for them.

The municipality of Berkelland is ahead of the curve when it comes to self-managing teams. They were looking for a tool to support this new way of working, and to stimulate its development. Plek is now enabling smoother collaboration within and between teams, but also with inhabitants and entrepreneurs.

Many construction companies encounter similar problems in the field of internal communication: colleagues at construction sites are more difficult to reach than office staff. They do not work at a computer and they often don't have a work email address either. Heembouw ran into this issue, but managed to connect the entire company with Plek.

How do you improve cooperation between different departments, when the majority of your employees don't have access to a computer? TBI Infra recently found the solution, by launching a new mobile application together with the colleagues of Plek.

Far up north arises a meeting place for curious people: Forum Groningen. A merged organization that consists of several groups of down-to-earth northerners, all with their own corporate culture. Forum Groningen connects this diverse group of colleagues by means of Plek.

Most of the pedagogical staff members of SKa Kinderopvang don't use a computer at work. So they don't have a SKa Kinderopvang email account either. Still, they want to share knowledge, feedback and interaction. With colleagues at their own location and, even more so, with colleagues from other locations.

GroenLinks brings people together through social learning. The political party had already discovered that a social intranet can increase political clout by providing a shared platform for the hundreds of councilors and aldermen and the many volunteers across the country. They can unlock knowledge and use each other's experience at Plek.

Prins Heerlijk helps young people with serious learning issues and / or a disability to become service employees in hospitality, retail and care. They work in several teams at several locations. Plek ensures involvement and engagement among all employees. Without any fuss.

De Groene Boog will be the new ring road of Rotterdam-North, a project in which a total of 500 employees from 7 different construction companies will participate. But how do you establish short communication lines between the client and different contractors? And how do you keep an overview of various sub-projects that arise from one large construction project?

MVGM, a dutch real estate company, recently launched the community app: Plek4you. With the app, tenants can easily get in touch with their neighbours and the real estate manager. They can report repairs, posts updates and read the latest news.