Beer Brewers

Step Two Intranet Award winner

Beer Brewers

Heineken's 81,000 employees produce and sell more than 250 brands in 70 countries. How do you keep everyone strategically aligned and stimulate knowledge sharing and best practice? By making employees tell their own stories - often in video - on a global social platform.

Plek as a stakeholder engagement and knowledge sharing platform
81.000 Heineken employees have access to Green Room
Over 50% of Green Room content is publicly accessible
Golden Award winner at the Step Two Intranet Awards 2015

Cheers, Plek!

Heineken stimulates knowledge sharing and best practices and makes sure all employees are strategically aligned, by using communication platform Green Room. You might not see it at first glance, but Green Room is Plek. The user interface has been thoroughly tailored to the specific needs of Heineken, but under the hood it's Plek.

Green Room is not only for internal knowledge sharing: more than half of the content is also accessible to the outside world. This way Heineken also involves its stakeholders, from suppliers to local communities to potential new employees. Moreover, Green Room helps in employee advocacy: the corporate story is being told by the employees themselves.