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Most of the pedagogical staff members of SKa Kinderopvang don't use a computer at work. So they don't have a SKa Kinderopvang email account either. Still, they want to share knowledge, feedback and interaction. With colleagues at their own location and, even more so, with colleagues from other locations.

  • Across boundaries of organizations and locations
  • Internally and externally
  • On any device
  • Replaces WhatsApp
  • Possibility to send push notifications
  • Quick implementation

Lots of locations, lack of connection

The pedagogical staff of SKa Kinderopvang takes care of children in kindergartens, daycare centers and teen groups in multiple locations in Amersfoort. Until recently they used AFAS Insite, but this solution did not meet their way of working. Besides, it wasn't accessible to staff without an SKa email account. This resulted in one-way traffic and a lack of engagement amongst employees from different locations, and a complicated pile of WhatsApp groups. So how do you create a secure way to connect employees? How do you stimulate knowledge sharing? How can you get regional managers, cluster managers and pedagogical staff to provide and receive feedback across the boundaries of their own location? And how do pedagogical staff and office staff know what's happening at each other's locations?

Smart makes simple

Plek is a low-threshold solution that works well on mobile. The focus is on working together and sharing knowledge. Employees can log onto Plek wherever and whenever they want, on a desktop computer, tablet or smartphone. Plek replaces existing WhatsApp groups. This ensures security and a better separation between work and private information. Knowledge is easy to find on Plek, and the threshold for asking a question is low. It's accessible, simple and smart.

Always connected, also from the outside

The employees of SKa Kinderopvang are more connected than ever, across their own locations' boundaries. Even external parties such as parent boards or IKC partners can use Plek: they can access a restricted part of the platform. Staff and external parties can connect whenever and wherever they want: at the daycare, at home or on the road.

Also on Plek

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