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International Water Association

How can you enable almost 10,000 members of 530 organizations and universities from 140 countries to work together and share knowledge? Plek unites the International Water Association's water experts on an online community platform, so they can share, discover, learn and reflect.

  • Plek as a community platform
  • almost 10.000 members worldwide
  • 530 organizations and universities from 130 countries
  • including onboarding and member activation
  • worldwide payment portal

Plek under water

The International Water Association (IWA) is solving the world’s water problems. This can only be done when the strengths and capabilities of all the IWA members are combined. That is why Plek united them on an online community platform.

Foreign currency

The various types of users have different access rights, from professors in 'expert groups' to ordinary members or donors. If you would like to get a glimpse of IWA's world, just take a look via IWA Connect. The platform's open character helps in bringing issues to the attention and in convincing people to become a member. For the latter, we have built a payment portal that can handle 30 currencies!

Plek brings together the previously fragmented world of water professionals on a single member platform where they can work and act as one organization.