Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding

Employee onboarding 

New employees make a flying start at Plek. From their first working day (or earlier if desired) they go through a versatile, phased onboarding program. HR departments can create these programs themselves and monitor the progress of newcomers.

Everything you need for a good start
Separate onboarding per department, location or role
Create your own onboarding programs
With texts, videos & forms
With phasing over time
HR dashboard for monitoring

The importance of good onboarding

The figures are shocking: 17% of new employees leave within three months - and some even in the first week. With properly structured onboarding, it is 58% more likely that employees will be retained after three years.

Program manager

Plek offers a flexible program manager in which you can create, schedule and change the various onboarding programs and steps yourself. Of course, we will gladly assist you with that. HR managers can track the progress of onboarders within a dashboard. Programs can include tasks to be checked or questions when answered are then published on a group's timeline. 

Laptop onboarding
Ongoing onboarding

Onboarding as part of the employee journey

We believe that good onboarding does not stop after a few months. Employees want to continue to develop and innovate, so onboarding must merge seamlessly with learning and participation. That is why we bring these parts together at Plek. Moreover, this ensures that the social intranet or engagement platform is the starting point where new employees can look for information, share knowledge and make connections.

Onboarding explained

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